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  • Paul Riley

Meadow Argus Debuts Eclectic And Lively New EP Dancing Through a Slow Apocalypse

Songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jevan Cole is the man behind musical project Meadow Argus. He begins 2023 with a bang with the release of his stunning new EP, Dancing Through a Slow Apocalypse. The EP features seven tracks that were impressively created in their entirety within Jevan’s home studio.

Speaking further on the new release, Jevan says, “Dancing Through a Slow Apocalypse was written and recorded in 2021 as part of my music studies at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Here in Australia, we were all in various states of Covid disruption and lockdown. The songs on this EP address the very personal issues that we were all forced to face during this time.”

The EP makes for a truly fascinating listen from start to finish – partly due to drawing inspiration from the likes of Neu!, Kraftwerk, Eurythmics, Broadcast, The Church, Sonic Youth, and Johnny Cash. Bringing all these different sounds and inspirations together, it’s a project that instantly draws you in on first listen and is well worth checking out. Stream below…

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