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Mortal Prophets continue their vibrant ascent on new album 'The Twang Gang (Live In Berlin)'

Over the last year or so, it is fair to say that Mortal Prophets have been on an incredibly prolific journey. Turning out dozens of vibrant offerings since early 2022, they recently culminated their direction to date with the wondrous studio album 'Dealey Plaza Blues' earlier this year. But now they are back once again to continue that vibrant ascent with their newest LP 'The Twang Gang (Live In Berlin)'.

Self-describing their sound as "cosmic country", a moniker that is more than apt for their latest offering, 'The Twang Gang (Live In Berlin)' instantly marks itself as one of their more adventurous outings to date. Brimming with this broad and immersive atmosphere that uses diverse instrumentation to create a luxuriously spacey feel, they find themselves cultivating an entirely new sound for themselves, something that almost feels otherworldly in nature.

While their output to date has certainly been a varied affair, there is something about 'The Twang Gang (Live In Berlin)' that really stands out within their catalogue to date. With such an inventive and alluring spirit riding throughout, you will certainly find yourself drawn closer and closer to this mesmerising new full-length.

Enjoy 'The Twang Gang (Live In Berlin)' below.



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