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Mucky Pup Share Debut Single 'Brushing Off The Dust'

Mucky Pup emerge onto the scene with their debut single, the mesmerizing and infectious 'Brushing Off The Dust'.

Comprised of acclaimed producer and multi-instrumentalist Erik Miles (known for his work with Soft Play, Baby Dave, Kate Nash, Lady Bird, and Hotwax) and the talented vocalist Heidi Haswell, the single comes from a duo already well versed in musical prowess.

The opening notes of the track introduce atmospheric, delayed-drenched bells, setting the stage for a gradually intensifying beat. 'Brushing Off The Dust' comes to life with a punchy four-to-the-floor rhythm and a funky bass line, surrounded by distinctive analogue synths, subtle brass sounds, and piano melodies. Above it all, Heidi Haswell's effortlessly infectious and silky smooth lead vocals take center stage, providing a focal point for the instrumental elements to grow around.

Heidi Haswell, vocalist in Mucky Pup, shares insights into the genesis of the single: "Me and Erik have always been involved in musical projects together, and we always knew we had a certain chemistry when writing and creating with one another. 'Brushing Off The Dust' felt like the first time when we really combined our talents in the most raw and pure way, and everything about the process came so naturally that the track seemed to just unveil itself. We both bounced off each other seamlessly, bringing different ideas and elements to the table that ended up marrying into the sound."

The duo consciously aimed to craft a feel-good track that induces movement while exuding a slightly seductive and inviting atmosphere. "From the get-go, we knew we wanted to make a track that was not only danceable but also hosted a euphoric sense of joy and a creative depth," they explain.

Already capturing the attention of BBC Introducing prior to its release, Mucky Pup are poised for significant success. 'Brushing Off The Dust' showcases intelligent, intricate pop-tinged electronic music that not only invites you to dance but also provides a euphoric sense of joy, promising a bright future for this emerging duo.

Listen below:



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