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Muttering share stunning cover of Phoebe Bridges' 'Chinese Satellite'

London indie outfit Muttering have dropped their delicate cover track ‘Chinese Satellite’ (originally by Phoebe Bridges) today. This release teases the trio's upcoming EP, which will feature the cover alongside their own original tracks.

“When Phoebe Bridgers released her first album Stranger in the Alps, everyone was taken. Her follow up Punisher, again, was so moving and beautiful. This song stood out so much - it makes you consider your place in the universe, so small but still here. We wanted to present it in a very real and homely way - the guitar and lead vocal is one take the whole way through. Grounded.“ - Muttering

Muttering have shown us with their previous releases their musical prowess and versatility. We can't wait to hear what's next. Stream 'Chinese Satellite' below.

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