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Mysterious electronic artist juuku joins with Ryan Nealon on massive single 'Save U'

juuku is a name who will be on most electronic lovers lips by now. Seemingly releasing his identity more and more with each single with his individual and intoxicating electronic style that has hooked so many people worldwide, he has now chosen a different kind of collaboration for his next release.

“‘Save U’ is a letter to myself, on one of my darkest days of depression—feels like I’ve been going through that a lot these days. I wanted to paint a picture of how dark it’s gotten and how much weight I’ve been feeling lately. " - juuku

'Save U' is a song with acclaimed singer-songwriter Ryan Nealon, in this delicate, almost ballad like song which is captivating and emotional, honing in on juuku's deepest and darkest days. Ryan brings a whole new dynamic to the track, and on top of juuku's hard hitting electronica in the chorus', Ryan balances it all perfectly, appealing to lovers on pop as well and electronic and everything in between.

Stream 'Save U' by juuku here:


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