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French rap artist LMA has just dropped his larger than life track 'Libre'! The genre-bending offering combines elements of disco, jazz, hip-hop and pop to create a soaring soundscape that perfectly accompanies LMA's seamless flow.

When speaking about his inspiration behind the new single, LMA shared: “‘Libre’ is a nod towards my American influences, like Mac Miller and Isaiah or even Kaytranada. I wanted to do a song that was groovy and danceable, all while speaking of rather personal subjects. It’s this contrast that I find interesting” .

On the surface, "Libre" has an uplifting groove, but for LMA the track is an expression of his disconnect with humankind and the masks they wear.

LMA solidifies himself as not only an enigmatic artist with a fresh take on hip-hop but also as a musical philosopher who can produce thought-provoking lyricism.

Listen below:


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