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  • Kenny Sandberg

Newcomer Yana Rose Releases Single 'Tainted Heart' and Debut EP

Yana Rose only started releasing music this year, and has already developed a distinct sound that sets her apart from the rest. Even though she lives in the singer-songwriter field, she offers a little more from a production standpoint and her new EP 'Another Missed Sunset' is testament to that.

Focus track 'Tainted Heart' tells an introspective tale of love that went wrong. Her lyrics give a great description of a modern day breakup, and even though the meaning behind it is quite sad, It's something you could hear on the radio, or in a club, which is quite impressive in its own right.

When asked about the song, she says.

“Tainted Heart was my way of reflecting on a past situation with fresh eyes. I was head over heels for this guy at the time and the small potential that we could end up together kept me holding on for any bit of hope. Now, years after it’s ended, I can look back on all of it a bit more objectively and see how awful of a situation that was for me and how its effects smear into the present.”

It's not hard to envision a big response to this track as she embarks on the next step of her journey, moving fast into 2023. For now, this year has been a great one for Yana, and it's exciting to imagine what the next chapter brings. Check out the new EP below.

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