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Oh Buddy! releases entrancing new single ‘Disappear’

With their latest single Oh Buddy! continues to charm audiences with cinematic indie pop sounds and gleaming soundscapes. Taking you away from the world with a glowing resonance that feels so beautifully entrancing, the duo somehow fill you with a sense of blissful euphoria, a happiness so unaffected by the rest of the world. There are nostalgic elements of funk and disco laced within their indie-pop categorisations, grooving guitars, funky bass lines and soulful vocals, but it is the individuality of their production, the warmth of the synths, the subtleness of the vocal harmony that really makes their sound stand out from the crowd. A slice of cinema that is full of simple delight, it's another exciting moment for Oh Buddy! with their third single.

“Disappear is a song we started writing during the pandemic inspired by a long-distance relationship,” Oh Buddy! add. “The message became about overcoming the adversity of the distance and how you find little ways to stay in touch and grow a connection. The song has taken many forms over the years, but this is the one that feels the most complete and true to the original emotions of the song when we wrote it in 2020. We knew the idea was special, but it took some time for us to mature and grow as artists to bring it to its fullest potential.

It's a song about escaping the stress of everyday life and cherishing those sweet, simple moments with someone you love. It's a subtle, yet profound idea, and we wanted to create something that feels like a breath of fresh air, where you can let the world disappear and just be in the moment. These days, that can be a tall order, but we really hope 'Disappear' resonates with others the way it does with us."

Based in Nashville and LA, Conor and Chase, the pair behind Oh Buddy! have been creative partners in crime as far back as they can remember. Forming two of the seven-piece band Waker, which performed at Electric Forest, Austin City Limits and Bonnaroo, the duo’s new project sees them reignite their musical abilities with a new sound, and have been seeing quick success.



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