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Olivier Cazier Releases Angsty New Track "Garbage Man"

Garbage Man is the loud and proud new single from U.S artist Olivier Cazier.

A thrashing bassline, punchy drums and slick guitars create the perfect backdrop to the angst filled lyrics. The final product is a signature blend of grunge pop and future-punk, a growing genre in which Cazier has flourished. Garbage Man is a prime example of Cazier’s dedication to his craft and clear talent for creating great music.

Speaking to his creative process Olivier expands, “Many of my songs come to me in a moment, I think the grit of the drums, and instrumentation really inspired the raw dirty vibe of the song. I spend a lot of time in my head, probably too much, but I really can get into a funk. I often feel very angry with myself, or am too hard on my own artistry. I think Garbage Man was my way of articulating those feelings.”.

Working from his home studio, Olivier produces, engineers, masters and mixes all of his songs himself. His career kicked off earlier this year with the release of his debut single Obsession, moving forward with rapidly growing momentum and beginning to really hone his craft, Olivier is an incredible talent and an exciting artist to watch.

Another stepping stone on the path to stardom Garbage Man is out everywhere now.

Listen to Garbage Man here:


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