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  • Alice Smith

Paradime Releases Ode To Daughter In Latest Single 'Annie'

Detroit-singer Paradime’s latest track “Annie,” is a heartfelt ode to his daughter and global women’s empowerment. Named after his daughter, “Annie” the track is a compelling listen that perfectly encapsulates the father-daughter bond.

Taken from studio album Period, his latest work appears to be an emotional reflection of his life and career as an artist. With the album, Paradime makes a final mark, on an already vast and musical diverse legacy, stating “This album is basically me coming out of retirement to make a final statement. And the end of the statement is a period. Also, my first album was called Paragraphs. Kind of feel the play on words that it’s an end of the start. Also when someone says the word “PERIOD” in that forceful way to say “there’s nothing more to say”.

Paradime has been a staple in Detroit’s music scene for years, with Paragraphs being noted as a “Detroit Hip Hop Classic” by the Detroit Free Press, and being named the top-selling independent album in Detroit in '01 by the Detroit Music Retailers Collective. Having won 13 Detroit Music Awards over an 8-year span and collected 3 Detroit Hip Hop Awards including “Best Solo Album'' and “Best Live Performer”, his latest works follows a decade-long hiatus.

It appears that this break has not deterred his musical talent, however, with Annie taking on a distinctly sophisticated and learned approach, with a great lyrical sophistication and intelligence. Produced by Chanes, “Annie” exemplifies Paradime's skilful songwriting, it serving as an inspiring melody, encouraging women worldwide to pursue their goals with determination. On “Annie,” Paradime states:

“Probably one of my favorite songs on here and maybe ever. Chanes sent me this beat and the sample was saying “Annie” and it’s my daughters name. It was like meant to be.. It's beautiful. Like people don’t say that about hip hop.. but this song is beautiful and I wanted to say what she means to me, and I think it came out exactly how I wanted.”

Annie perfectly toes between the unflinchingly personal and heart-warmingly universal, and is a delightful and important listen to any audience.



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