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PhaseOne launches new explosive bass record label and compilation: 'Sounds of Mayhem: The Uprising'

Experimental EDM-infused label Sounds of Mayhem is now born, thanks to seasoned DJ and producer PhaseOne. The renowned artist thought it was time to take matters into his own hands, and release music he truly loves, full of heavy EDM songs that will intoxicate and drown you in sonics from start to finish.

Seeking to go one step further in his mission to champion all things “rocktronic”, the new found genre aforementioned, the label's first compilation album 'The Uprising' is exactly that, with 8 tracks packing a hell of a punch. 'Starting with PhaseOne x In Hearts Wake's 'Bringer of Death', fully encompasses this unique and transcendent brand of electronica. Jaw-dropping drops with heavy and distorted screamo vocals, it truly is a chaotic yet spellbinding blend of metal and electronic, and it's pretty euphoric to say the least.

Pioneering a new brand of music entirely, fans of rock, metal, dub step and everything nuanced in between, the album features riotous appearances from heavyweights Akeos & Lusumi, Bainbridge & High Zombie, JEANIE & Dino Shadix, DVEight and AVEON, making for a body of work you won't forget listening to in a hurry.

Stream 'Sounds of Mayhem: The Uprising' here:


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