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Phoenix-based KRXS unveil pop-punk gem 'Emo Rodeo (Dear Your Honor)'

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Released worldwide today, 'Emo Rodeo' is the new single from Phoenix-based artist KRXS. A pop-punk anthem bathed in nostalgia, the new track comes across as refreshingly vivid in today's hectic industry. Instantly knowing this man is comfortable in his own skin, KRXS is an empowering artist you'd be proud to support.

Speaking about the release, KRXS shares, “In this track I wanted to show off my skills as a rapper considering I'm a pop-punk emo RAPPER and highlight that with this first single...I wanted to flex! haha. I love genre blending and for some reason when we tracked the 2nd verse it came out with a little bit of a southern draw. I have family all over the south and spent my summers up in the Oregon mountains as a kid so it felt natural even though I don't usually speak with an accent. One of my favorite memories as a kid was going to the St. Paul Rodeo up in Oregon, I used to dress up as a cowboy with my six shooter cap gun and play cops and robbers with the neighborhood kids.

Coming full circle I thought it would be cool to do the music video at a rodeo or include horses in some way. Literally right after talking about that as a concept with our videographer, my friend Eli called me and told me he had free tickets to the "Black Rodeo" that happens once a year at Westworld Scottsdale happening that weekend...It felt like a sign to at least get some footage there and experience my first Rodeo in Arizona. Those shots came out sick...At first we were told it was sold out so we had to improvise. Right then Snap (videographer) asked me to spit a few takes on top of this giant metal horse sculpture before security came. We risked it and got some dope footage. The rodeo was a really cool way to showcase black western heritage, the team and I had a great time and I think the video came out pretty rad. Thanks for listening!”

Energetic and able to steal your full attention, this artist is clearly stating he means business. Grab your copy of Emo Rodeo on all major platforms and be transported to the wonderful world of KRXS.

Stream the new track here.



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