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Prada-G to release infectious pop-punk banger “Doomer”

Based in Southern California, the 26 year-old began his producing and songwriting journey way back when he was 14. At this age, he began sneaking into his brother's recording studio, recording songs then deleting them. Soon, his brother found out and encouraged him to keep writing material, and by the age of 17, he quickly got the title of being a confident self-starter, as he started booking himself throughout Sunset Boulevard and various legendary Southern California venues.

His latest single "Doomer" is a showcase of all of his hard work. The track is irresistible. Drums smash through the mix, whilst tight guitars are laid down on top. His vocals are signature, soaked in emotion, brimming with pop-punk sensibilities and wrapped up in auto-tune. With a nod to multiple influences, Prada-G has a signature sound that is sure to get you up and grooving.

Prada-G expands further about his inspiration behind the track: “Doomer” is essentially a metaphor of how everyone feels internally at some point in their life. The title itself is derived from the actual term “Doomer” which means a pessimistic or fatalist individual. I wanted to shed light on a common theme of feeling lost but still moving forward without direction. Though I wouldn’t consider myself a “Doomer” I believe we all experience those feelings of self-demoralization and misunderstanding.

As Prada-G continuously works on new material, he expects his trajectory to remain upward and so does everyone else. With reems of support and numerous accolades, we can’t wait to see where he’ll take this.

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