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PREMIERE: Danica Dares invite you to their ‘Paranoia Party’

Danica Dares, hailing from the North-East, UK are an alt-rock trio offering something refreshingly unique. Having only formed in 2020, the band have rather impressively already written an album together, called ‘Curating The Lunatic’. Their first single release from this was ‘Giving It Away’ which was a luscious ethereal ballad with hints of The Smiths and Wolf Alice.

What makes this band of particular interest are the lyrics of front woman and lead vocalist Harriet McBain. McBain, Cambridge University educated, is nothing short of a true poet. Only new to the music industry, she is certainly not out of place. Originally from the North-East, she has spent time living in Madrid and in London for a number of years before returning home and getting back in touch with her roots. There, she got in contact with the mighty musicians Jon Haines (Bass & Electronica) and Richard Sanderson (Guitars) and quickly decided to form the band together.

Loosely defining themselves as alt-indie rock, Danica Dares’ sound encompasses everything from 80s synth, to spoken word and choral music. Their sound is honest, dark and performative. Now, they return with stand-out single ‘Paranoia Party’ which Flex today has the privilege of premiering. The band’s trademark shimmering guitar, elements of experimental electronic production and elegant vocals all come to the fore.

National lockdown aside, this track delves into the pervasive feeling of social anxiety and the fear of exclusion that every person faces to varying degrees at some point in their life. Now more than ever though, we all feel somewhat disconnected, and you will no doubt resonate with Harriet's 'isolation cry'.

Am I invited to the party? No? I feel so alone and unwanted. Yes? I’m too anxious to go, and what if I embarrass myself and nobody likes me? Will people even notice if I am not there, will they notice that I am? You know the drill. But maybe we can be our own party, suggests Danica Dares. A new year calls for new beginnings after all.

We are pleased to announce that this new track from Danica Dares is officially out and available to stream and download across all the major digital platforms! Go go go - join the party.

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Listen to the new single on all platforms HERE

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