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QUEEN LAYA shares official music video for ‘RAGE’

Rising from the ruins of the past few years, QUEEN LAYA is emerging into uncharted waters, defying expectations as she demonstrates a ferocious new sound.

Today she has unveiled the official music video for her new single ‘RAGE’. Stream the track right here and watch the official music video below.

Fusing powerhouse vocals with rocky acidity, QUEEN LAYA continues to usher in a new era of headstrong and vehement views of social issues and every day life. She shares her experiences of going through therapy in 2021 within her music and her empowering new single ‘RAGE’ is a pivotal point of this process.

QUEEN LAYA delves into the context of the track, “‘RAGE’ is about suppressing your emotions so that you appear smaller to others, well behaved to others, in compliance with others, liked by others - to create a safe space within yourself, until all your thoughts and feelings are so congested that you can’t even fathom keeping in even a single ounce of these emotions within you. This intense energy eventually manifests itself into uncontrollable rage.”



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