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Rap princess Charmaine is back with DOUBLE DUTCH video

Canada's favourite new star has returned with a brilliant performance in her single DOUBLE DUTCH taken from her debut EP 'Hood Avant Garde' released earlier this year. Directed by Spencer Edwards, he fully encapsulates Charmaine's flaunt and suave demeanour in every way through her powerful and undeniable energy.

“It was amazing! I had such a blast but that’s normal for us, it’s always a vibe on set! I want them to understand that the only competition they have in life is themselves and you should always do your best to outdo yourself.”

The video reflects Charmaine's incessantly bold and brutal personality, packed with attitude and a sass that is now a signature musical move of the songstress' rapidly growing and expanding arsenal. It's also playful, with the beginning scene showing Charmaine looking at the painting of herself on the wall, which then looks back at her in her royal standing to kick start to the track itself.

DOUBLE DUTCH continues to be the anthem that every female rapper aspires to be, with a simply stunning video to match her high energy and presence as an artist.

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