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Ready, Steady, Die! release mesmerising video for their single 'Darkstar'

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Ready, Steady, Die! are the dynamic duo of Morgan Visconti and Sam K, and have become a real force in the electronic world over the course of their two albums. But the British-American pair's latest release looks to be their most impressive yet. 'Darkstar', the fourth and final single from their sophomore album 'Accidents' is paired with a simply breathtaking and innovative video that you simply have to watch.

Delving into the world of AI and released on Halloween, the video is a haunting and captivating visual story, depicting a notion from the 1800s that is truly compelling and individual in its own right. The technology used is truly state of the art, and creates and alluring and creepy atmosphere which perfectly compliments this brilliant dark-pop masterpiece.

“The song is about a serial killer stalking women and I set the video somewhere in the late 1800’s to give it a dark fairy-tale setting, rather than being of this decade which maybe we all need some escape from..."

It's clear that this duo have developed and loyal fanbase and releasing something so different makes them stand out and appeal to even more people. Check out this video for 'Darkstar', you will regret it if you don't.

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