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REVIEW: AMAVA - 'Midnight Interlude'

Following the release of her glittering pop number “Just Fine”, 24 year old Amava demonstrates the importance of finding comfort in your own company with “Midnight Interlude” - a reflective, late night groove.

Growing up in the rainy Pacific Northwest, Amava creates music that is unashamedly pop. “Midnight Interlude” is a darker, somber release from the young artist, detailing “the come down from a heavily social situation - it’s the lonely car ride home from a party”.

“I wanted to capture the feeling of walking through my front door after being out all night and being very aware of the fact that I’m by myself. It’s also about finding solace with the space of feeling lonely and realising ‘I’m the one who needs me most’, Amava offers.

After a move to central Oregon in her early teens for a quieter, slower pace of life, Amava always found herself not quite fitting in. Having put on a façade of being an extrovert throughout high school, her quiet, timid nature meant she struggled to fully express herself throughout her teenage years. Instead, she focused on learning to tell the stories she collected - transforming anecdotes into blissful musical moments.

Tune in below.



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