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REVIEW: Charles Oozes Soul In New E.P 'On Trend, Hungry & Broke'

Lyricist, artist, singer, whatever you'd like to call him, Charles has been consistent in proving to the industry he is a name to be reckoned with. Which is why his latest E.P is something special.

The North London based artist is known for his cool, yet melodic beats, but the open lyricism about childhood and a social commentary on his parents allows Charles' music to be relatable to his listeners.

The new body of work produces five tracks that show the raw talent of the singer, where the track 'Easy' meets addictive beats with calm, collected vocals that make any listener nod along to the beat.

This new E.P is a start to a long career in music for Charles and each track proves his place at the table.

Speaking on the E.P, Charles says:

‘On Trend, Hungry & Broke’ is a beautiful insight into my life in my twenties. Attempting to maintain strong relationships with parents and becoming closer when you come to understand that they are too just normal people, trying to get through this thing we call life. Realising that the champagne lifestyle with my lemonade budget is probably not the best way to conduct my adult life. Getting caught up in the party and never really knowing when to go home, but hey who needs sleep before a 12-hour shift? Social pressures of always pulling a look and being the best version of yourself at all times, in case someone really saw you for who you are. Welcome to life in my twenties, being on-trend, hungry & broke. To better days!”

You can listen to the E.P below!

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