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REVIEW: Edenhill - Summertime

Offering up the perfect track for this impromptu heatwave, British artist Edenhill has dropped his new single 'Summertime'. And, as if by fate, his latest offering comes after a week of record high heats across the UK.

Discussing his thoughts behind 'Summertime', “Ironically, ‘Summertime’ was written in the Autumn of 2020 after me and some friends spontaneously decided to go swimming in the sea at midnight. Although it was cold, dark and a bit reckless, we all felt so free In that moment. I wanted to immortalise that feeling forever. Writing this song just instantly took me back to that place. Once I showed it to a few friends, it became the anthem of our friendship and now it acts a homage to a random night that could’ve been like any other, but wasn’t.”

With upbeat instrumentations throughout as he takes us on a midsummers night adventure, 'Summertime' is an unforgettable track that is sure to become a distinct track of summer 2021.

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