• abbie037

REVIEW: Ena Fay - How Can I

Distinct and entirely unforgettable, singer-songwriter Ena Fay has revealed her latest passionate and emotive track How Can I. Serving as the new focus track from her brand new EP, 'I Can Feel It, Too', the cinematic and ethereal nature of Fay's soundscapes shines through.

Coming after the release of Ena Fay's previous three singles, August, Tie My Hands and Because I Care, her latest track and subsequent EP are shining examples of the boundless talent of this young artist. Showcasing her diverse talents, the EP even boasts a spoken word interlude.

"The truth is, we all know how it feels to be confused, unfulfilled, or to keep wanting more. For myself as a person, I have found out that it is so much better to speak about how you feel rather than trying to figure it all out by yourself. Also the positive feelings, of course. This is what I am promoting with my new EP 'I Can Feel It, Too'. As they say - sharing is caring. Not just for the other, but also for yourself. We find ourselves living more passionately."

Having slowly made a name for herself as one of the most emotive emerging artists, Ena Fay continues to blow away her audience with her stream of heart warming tracks.

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