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REVIEW: Jack Rua - 'Isolation'

Irish artist Jack Rua has released another glistening pop jam with "Isolation".

Opening with a pulsing electronic rhythm, "Isolation" features an infectious pop beat throughout and the unique vocal style of Jack Rua, a combination that results in a powerful and emotional track. The accompanying music video perfectly captures the highly charged sense of loneliness and frustration that many experienced at the beginning of lockdown.

Written as a letter of longing at being separated from his partner so early into the relationship, Jack offers - “I knew what I was doing was right morally in the context of a pandemic, but it felt so incorrect personally and all of these conflicting emotions and ideas were driving me crazy.”

Taking inspiration from a variety of life experiences, including moving to New York City and immersing himself in these cultural scenes, Jack channels musical icons such as David Bowie, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Prince into his work. Hoping to embed the same sense of rebellion into his music, he explores topics such as love, relationships and the unpredictability of life.

Tune in.



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