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REVIEW: Josha Daniel - Alive

With an unquestionable talent for creating the most immaculate vibes within his track, Netherlands based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Josha Daniel has returned with the enchanting 'Alive'. Taking zero prisoners, 'Alive' is spellbindingly refreshing listen. With a soundscape that is both enticingly delicate in its approach and yet powerfully intense the next, 'Alive' is a complex and dynamic track that showcases the very best of Josha Daniel's talent.

“'Alive' is about the ultimate rush of feeling free. What if we could leave all our fears behind, will we truly feel alive?”

Having dropped his debut album Dream Of You last year, Josha Daniel is chomping at the metaphorical bitt to finally release his new music. 'Alive' shows a marked sense of growth from his previous tracks. With an air of sophisticated grace an emotive elegance, 'Alive' leans heavily onto the indie side of the indie-electronica descriptor, opposed to his earlier works.

Displaying the growth and maturity with his new sound, Josha Daniel is keen to reach a larger audience than ever before with his new single 'Alive'.

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