• abbie037

REVIEW: Sofija - Stay A Little Longer

Up-and-coming R&B artist Sofija has unveiled her stunningly soulful single, “Stay A Little Longer”. Based out of Portland, this new release comes after the warm reception to her debut single “Right Next To You” earlier this year.

Taking her stylish charm and endless talent to new heights, Sofija effortlessly blends together traditional beats and modern melodies, “Stay A Little Longer” is an unforgettable statement from the newcomer. Reaching high notes that would trouble the majority of mainstream artists with an effortless grace and ease, Sofija displays her mesmerising control on her latest offering.

““Stay a Little Longer” was written about a heartbreak that was painful yet hard to let go of. I wanted to express a difficulty that is familiar to many regarding the feeling of knowing that it is time to leave a situation with someone you have feelings for, while also wanting to stay.”

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