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REVIEW: Soundsuality - 'Mirage'

Disco and pop columbian producer duo, Juan Sebastián Vásquez and Nicolás Escorcio, drop synth pop track ‘Mirage’.

Following from an appearance in the collaborative project ‘100 Latin Producers’ they return with this electronic pop, ‘chic’ influenced single.

“The single speaks of the unrequited love, about someone that we believe is perfect

for us to the point that, ignoring every negative signal, we’re still blinded by love,

loving that person is only an illusion.”

The joyful catchy sound, paired with the leading funky bass becoming a prominent melody in the track, is an elegant pop arrangement and a feel good track for the summer.

With the album ‘Melomaniac Love’ coming later this year, this single is set to get you ready for more to come!

Listen here:

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