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Rhona Stevens Drops Debut Track Melanin

The debut single from Scottish songstress Rhona Stevens is a full of life track that calls for the return of sunny days and warmer weather which a sentiment echoed throughout the nation.

Melanin fuses orthodox alt-rock guitar lines with jazz influenced drum patterns and synths that shimmer over the whole production. Her textured vocals add character and energy in abundance as the song as a whole takes on a bigger than life feel. The upbeat melody is completely captivating and the subtle additions that may be missed upon the first listen layer the track with pure joy.

Talking to the theme of the song and its lyrics meaning Rhona explains, “Melanin is an ode to summer and easier times. I wrote it while daydreaming of festivals and sunshine on a snowy day last January. Melanin was written as a sort of retreat; what I was hoping to manifest. I think Melanin is a song that everyone can relate to and serve as a little dose of escapism to sunnier climes”.

Listening to Rhona’s music it becomes clear why her biggest influences include the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club and Chet Baker, the jovial melodies and nostalgia inducing riffs that take the listener to a dreamlike state ever present, but Rhona’s own unique styling weighs heavy on her music keeping it original to her.

Having now got a stellar debut single under her belt, Rhona will be looking to create more music ready to be sat on repeat for hours on end.

Listen to Melanin here:

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