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Rich Furniss releases groove-filled house track 'Out Of This World'

Rich Furniss is one of the big up and comers in the house world right now, with his infectious and bouncy brand of electronic music that has caught lot of attention. Racking up over half a million streams already since his first release in 2021, the New-Yorker starts 2023 off in absolute style with 'Out Of This World'.

Snare filled bassline's fill the air before the spacey, airy synths pan from left to right before the sample track comes in, quickly building anticiaption. Furniss cleverly moulds together a groovy bassline with classic house elements to create a classic yet fresh feel. 'Out Of This World' is a feel-good house anthem for the ages, and it's another example of why Rich Furniss is rapidly making himself known among the biggest and best.

Stream 'Out Of This World' here:


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