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Rory Gillanders Keeps It Real With New EP 'Wilderness'

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

If there was one word to describe upcoming rock talent, Rory Gillanders, it would simply be himself. Creating his unique brand of true to life music, Rory's modern take on a vintage rock soundtrack fluidly fuses genres, staying wholly authentic all the while. Hailing influences such as Dylan, Springsteen, Ryan Adams and Noel Gallagher, Rory's modern take on rock is a smooth evolution from his inspirations. Rory's new EP 'Wilderness' is a detailed glimpse into the artist's life, as he revives his past experiences through compelling and relatable lyricism. This honest and direct nature of Rory's storytelling makes the singer all the more captivating as ‘Wilderness' is a refreshingly real, humbly honest and unwaveringly authentic collage of songs. Speaking about his latest release, the artist explains: "I originally went into Soundcaster studios in Dublin to record 1 song and ended up recording a 6 track EP called 'Wilderness'. I loved the recording process and vibe in the studio and found it very therapeutic so I decided to keep recording. I had a few songs already written that I thought might fit well on an EP and then I ended up getting inspired and writing a couple more. Before I knew it I had 6 strong tracks that I wanted everyone to hear! I originally wrote the title track about ten years prior to recording it but I always liked the title 'Wilderness' for an EP. The rest of the songs just kind of fell into place around it and I feel the songs all compliment each other and it's my most coherent work to date. I really can't wait for people to hear them and I just hope people enjoy listening to this record as much as I enjoyed making it." With the recent release of ‘Wilderness’ Rory is set to school us all on the no-frills, raw heart and soul of rock music, as the evolving singer-songwriter shows us another side to his skills. Whilst respectfully nodding to decades and artists past, Rory's evolution and maturing as an artist expands on a genre slowly fading in mainstream music. Yet it’s clear from Rory's 'Wilderness', the rock won’t stop on Rory Gillanders' watch.

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