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Ryan Ofei offers up soul-stirring Afrobeats worship single 'Abba'

As 2023 continues, the talented musician Ryan Ofei unveils his highly anticipated EP 'Celebrate,' featuring the empowering single 'Abba.'

'Abba' immediately captures attention with Ofei's commanding and raspy vocals, exuding an undeniable presence. Accompanied by the captivating vocals of Ajhah, the song gains an additional layer of depth, guiding listeners through a heartfelt narrative of self-discovery and spirituality. Beyond being a mere song, 'Abba' resonates as a profound reflection of personal growth and finding solace in faith.

"When I was 10 years old, my family moved to Canada, and it was a massive change adjusting to a new country, school, church, and friends," Ofei recalls. "My worst and funniest memory was with my dad. The day before school started, he decided to be my barber, and the haircut he gave me left me BALD."

Ofei's artistry transcends the boundaries of traditional Christian music, as he skillfully blends subtle and luscious nuances from other genres. With 'Abba,' Ryan Ofei pioneers a new direction in this musical landscape, captivating audiences with a resonating sound that captures the spirit and imagination of his craft. Check it out now.

Stream 'Abba' in full here:

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