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SadBois & PatFromLastYear release epic punk-infused house track 'Worst Day Ever' ft. Micah Martin

It's easy to just fit in one genre and comfortably make a successful career in doing so. In the modern day though, it seems as if artists are starting blend nuances together and create something innovative and memorable. This seems to be the case with the trio that make SadBois, who have ventured into the world of pop-punk and bass house, with the help of PatFromLastYear and Micah Martin in 'Worst Day Ever'.

The opening feels like a classic pop-punk song from that golden era of the 00s onwards, with a full band sound to boot as well. As the track progresses through, that's where the magic happens, and the song slowly changes from band to dance, and the drop is mesmerising. Sampling the vocals of 'the worst day ever' amongst the melodic house beat, with Martin's powerful vocals soaring above everything in the verses too.

If you're an EDM fan and wanting something different to listen to today, check this brilliant offering from these three artists.

Stream 'Worst Day Ever' here:


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