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Sam Thomas Presents Stellar New Single & Video ‘No More’

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Emerging hip/hop artist Sam Thomas has just released his new single, titled ‘No More,’ in a few days. Having followed his career for a little while now, I am excited to see this shift in his musical style. He has certainly made the rounds as a member of various bands, but hip/hop is his new frontier and the place where he seems to find the most inspiration. This single is just the splash he needs to break into the rap scene. ‘No More’ starts with mellow guitars and a slow beat. Sam jumps in with his fantastic bars. He even harmonizes with himself as the song builds. It is the slow build that truly makes the song spectacular. It rises gently and crescendos into low-lit bliss. The horns in the background add a nice touch and his singing is also noteworthy. Every musical note and moment is strategically placed and expertly executed. I can only imagine what an entire length album or even an EP of material that is this strong and inspired would sound like. Hopefully, something like that is in the works. Until then, this single is strong enough to satisfy listeners.

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