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Sandancer drops new single “Run Till I’m Breathless”

Sandancer is providing us with a refreshing take on dance and electronic music. Merging multi-layered textures and energetic basslines together, Sandancer releases immersive offerings that will be sure to leave an impression. Previously a member of electronic duo Qtier, his music has reached tastemakers such as Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Lauren Laverne, Tom Robinson and Andrew Wetherall.

“Run Till I’m Breathless” is his latest offering. With pounding beats, grooving bass lines and textually diverse synth lines, the track provides the perfect introduction to Sandancer if you’ve not heard of him yet. On top, vocals land with an impact, coming drenched in infectious melodies.

Speaking about the single, he says: “The track is an expression of pushing yourself to the limit despite ongoing struggle, hence the title. I’ve always had in mind what Madlib did with his own Vocals on his Quasimoto Project, so I played a lot with the pitching of my voice on this track. The staggered phrasing of the line ‘I just run till I’m breathless’ exacerbates that feeling that someone is trying to catch their breath. I wanted to express an idea of resilience against an inner struggle by contrasting the vocal with a lot of heavy bass to represent some inner strength. It has a much darker feel than the other tracks on my EP and it’s for sure one to be played loud.”

We’re sure 2023 will be Sandancer’s year.



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