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Shameless' James Davis returns as The Project alongside the anthemic debut single 'Best Days'

After originally making a name for himself as the guitarist for 00s alt-rock innovators Shameless, James Davis has still been busy behind the scene, figuring out where to take his vibrant sound next. And with a number of other notable musicians joining his ranks, he returns with The Project and their stunning debut single 'Best Days'.

Much like what he first emerged with almost twenty years ago, Davis' latest venture is a fun and enjoyable rock romp that hones both killer riffs and infectious choruses throughout. With a bold and explosive energy that brings life and gusto to his impactful vocal performance, 'Best Days' feels like the last gasp of a summer anthem that isn't ready to let go of the outdoor pursuits anytime soon.

While his reputation for big and captivating releases has already been well documented, The Project feels like an endeavour he could really shine under. Brimming with plenty of intriguing ideas and memorable moments from beginning to end, 'Best Days' is definitely one to crack out when you need a boost of energy in your life.

Enjoy 'Best Days' below.



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