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Sister duo FAARROW explore our "Dreams"

Singer-songwriter duo FAARROW deliver thoughtful exploration of what our dreams are saying to us on genre-blended number “Dreams.”

Weaving an intricate tale about the dream world, and its reflection of the joys and worries that litter our time awake, the ethereal Afro-chill number led by sultry vocals, layered beats and a delicate instrumentation is a fantastical slice of heaven.

Formed by sisters Siham and Iman Hashi, FAARROW transports us to a dream world so real that you can’t tell if you’re dreaming or not, with dual meanings to the poetic lyricism.

They explain, “For Siham, it’s about a soulmate connection that shows up in your dreams every night that is so vivid, real and hard to shake. For Iman, it was about continuing our journey.

The Somalia-born pair of sisters who fled to Toronto with family to escape civil war began nurturing their hidden talent in music during their early teens, and haven’t looked back since in their passionate and earnest musical journey.

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