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Some Velvet Morning drop vinyl of acclaimed album with a weekly dose of MVs

Some Velvet Morning have debuted a vinyl release of their acclaimed album Rough Seas, alongside a weekly dose of video releases. Consisting Desmond Lambert, Rob Flanagan and Gavin Lambert, this act have honed a trademark fusion of country music with modern pop-rock, founded upon an uplifting mood.

From layered opener “Ghost," which moves smoothly from a country spirit-touched pop rock sound to acoustic swells of whoops, hand claps, and guitar, the trio go on to showcase their versatile sonic palette with other tracks like of “Good To See You,” and tender, ballad style “Love Begins,” finishing off with slow peaks and troughs of title track “Rough Seas.”

Striking a balance between anthemic moments and tender feelings, the physical album is elevated by a creative collection of music videos for us to feast our eyes on as Some Velvet Morning offer us a treat for their eyes and ears.

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