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Soothing, witty, and heartwarming: new single ‘too hot to touch’ by leo.

Touching the hearts of many, classically trained leo. is about everything from nostalgic harmonies to delicate arrangements and wonderfully sumptuous instruments, alongside his soothing voice and quirky personality. Whilst the 2019 single "despair" has over 17 million Spotify streams, the new single "too hot to touch" is dripping with even more of leo.’s magnetism that which we just can't get enough of. 'too hot to touch,' a lo-fi piece which delves into his thoughts, is witty, with a tinge of frank, is a must-have addition to your playlist. Exploding with warm energy, buzzing guitar, harmonicas and vocal and melodic harmonies, we are sure you'll love it.

Talking about the new track, leo. Reveals:

With the lyrics, I really wanted to capture how overwhelming all these thoughts can be, whilst keeping the music part quite fun and light. This can represent the detachment that there usually is between the restless overthinking brain and the real world, which is usually a lot more chill. I also just really enjoy writing sad lyrics to jolly music, there’s something very bittersweet and human to it that I really love.

After writing it in 2020, I think it just stuck with me enough to include in my second EP, which I’m currently recording. I had a really fun time recording with Ed Allen, the producer, and it was really cool to try and get that ‘Parisian vibe’ I wanted to go for. The clarinets, harmonies, and double bass gave the song that special something I think it really needed, and I’m super happy about how it sounds. dodie’s song “You” and her debut album were definitely inspirations and I think that more than ever I am finding my sound and allowing myself to experiment with all kinds of different stuff.”

The young artist is now poised to make headlines in music with his eclectic sound and vulnerable manner, following the release of his long-awaited 5-track debut EP, 'drink my soul,' in 2021. The lone 19-year-old Portuguese musician is aiming to make music that will connect with his audience on a deeper level while also providing a safe space for listeners to feel understood. His catchy melodies and honest lyrics and shining vulnerability can be heard in the newest single ‘too hot to touch’ which is out now.

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