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Space Tyger drops smooth pop track 'Velvet'

Alabama possesses a history of classic rock and vintage music that lives on for a lifetime, however they may have just found themselves a modern gem to keep hold of. Space Tyger is a singer-songwriter that possesses a true talent and knack for creating a pop song that sticks. Heavily influenced by synth lines and an 80s inspired feel, he has fused together a sound that resonates on all fronts, and 'Velvet' is a prime example.

There's a real sense of warmth and colour in this synth-pop jam, and depicts the notion that Space Tyger creates in his artwork alone, driving around in that classic corvette with the sun setting before you. It's a mood that we can all get on board with.

Speaking on the process behind 'Velvet', Space Tyger explains:

“I wrote the instrumental for this on a very rare snow day in Alabama. A lot of people came over to our house and made a whole day of it. Meanwhile I was upstairs in the studio while everyone was out in the snow. I also was pretty anti social when everyone came back to the house. Later me and Austin Motlow worked out some melodies and I wrote the lyrics. Ironically it's written about waiting on someone to come over. That feeling of someone you can't get out of your head and anticipate getting to see again.”

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