• chloemogg6

Spacetime Satellites' latest track 'Ocean Boy' sounds like David Byrne jammed with The B-52

Spacetime Satellites’ latest track, “Ocean Boy”, is now available to all wandering souls, on land or beneath the brine. The third release under this moniker from songwriter, producer and film-maker Rob Davis, Ocean Boy is as deliriously unhinged yet as perfectly formed as fans have come to expect. Telling the tale of a “doggy who likes to swim, in the ocean without a fin”, Ocean Boy fights crime disguised as a “mollusc with no eyes.” Yes, you read that correctly. A brilliant mix of beach party go-go hoe-down frolics and a Saturday morning cartoon theme, Ocean Boy is the best track The B-52s wish they had recorded.

It’s yesterday’s sound of the day after tomorrow today! Many who are familiar with Rob Davis’ output as Cholesterol Jones and Robert-Jan Davis may associate his music with barbed alt-folk angst. Spacetime Satellites is a ray of strangely-coloured sunshine. Poppy, danceable and almost impossible not to clap and sing along with, they have the song-writing chops of the B52s and Sparks, interweaving flights of fancy with Farfisa keyboards and surfy guitars from the 1960s. Like Davis’ beguiling animated videos, there is both Day-Glo childish glee and slicks of ghoulish humour which render Spacetime Satellites both completely out of time and yet absolutely what the world needs NOW – if you can’t welcome Ocean Boy into your arms smelling like a wet dog, there really is no hope for Mankind.

Rob Davis is a singer, songwriter, producer and film-maker based in Boston and Provincetown. His writing styles include country, folk blues, pop, show tunes and jazz. He has recorded under the stage names Robert-Jan Davis, Cholesterol Jones, and Spacetime Satellites. Born on a US army base in Bavaria, he spent his formative years in Boston. He describes song-writing as “midway between mental illness and vomiting,” to the impish joy of his tens of thousands of fans and followers.