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Suave delivers impressive 'Changes'

Both hypnotic yet charming, Cincinnati based Suave has really set himself apart sonically and creatively from the pack. Already releasing a string of singles that have personified his unique style and offering, Suave has finally released his first body of work in a debut EP, and the title track 'Changes' is his best yet.

With his now signature style of an almost haunting intro, with wurling synths and other elements setting the mood and atmosphere, Suave then really brings himself to the fold with his vocals and seamless interchanging between rapping and singing. Having faced a lot struggles in his life, Suave addresses these issue face on in this stunning, genre bending release.

Speaking more on the meaning behind ‘Changes’, Suave explains:

“This song represents the realisation I had only after being in such a bad place for so long. Success doesn’t just happen. This song speaks of that important moment in my life that changed how I write, how I work, how I promote myself and my drive to be heard has only increased since that day. That is what this song means to me.”

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