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Supercaan releases atmospheric new single “Zoetrope”

Supercaan are committed to spreading a positive message. Society and the issues that are associated with it can sometimes be terrifying, Supercaan are committed to try and find answers to these huge and open ended questions, providing a place that their audience can find solace within. Supercaan are a band that have many different identities, as a band, they can be found in London, Birmingham, North Shields and Denbighshire, Wales.

Ahead of their first upcoming album ‘A Tiger Walks The Streets,’ the band have released single ‘Zoetrope.’ Thrashing drums reverberate energy around the mix, creating the perfect foundations for a colourful melting pot of instrumentation to land on top of. The drums and bass create an irresistible groove, overdrive soaked guitars and atmospheric synths ebb and flow in between. On top, vocals are softly penned and infectious.

Speaking further about the track, they reveal: “Techno flavoured post punk - ‘Zoetrope’ is a sharp observation on the double standards of the people in the top echelons of society who “get to set the rules” but “play by different rules”. A track built “brick by brick”, with each band member recording their parts remotely, Six By Seven’s lead singer and the band’s “hero” Chris Olley adds another dimension to ‘Zoetrope’ in a remixed version of the song.”

The second album ‘A Tiger Walks the Streets,’ is due for release soon, and it’s one to keep your eye on for sure. As Supercaan enters a new era, the album is said to offer perspective in a time that has left so many of us jaded. Supercaan play the West Hampstead Arts Club on the 27th October and Birmingham’s Hare and Hounds on the 29th October, and it’s not one to miss.

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