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Talon David shares captivating sophomore album Pure Imagination

Emotion-drenched songwriter Talon David has unveiled her sophomore album Pure Imagination. Exploring the changing interpretations of what is means to dream as you grow up, with a graceful loving tone and a performative songwriting style, Talon shares twelve tracks of vocal elegance. Rooting each track in sweeping lead lines and angelic harmony backdrops, Talon starts with a melody, then introduces vast arrangements that send it to the stratosphere. Ambitious but beautifully unique, Talon harnesses honesty and turns it into infectious relatability.

Looking back on the album, Talon shares, "This project serves as a more than semi-autobiographical journey through what life after collegiate graduation looks like, especially as it concerns dreaming, imagination, and our view of our futures. It's meant to explore what it means to dream as an adult, and submits the conclusion that even with disappointments, adult-ing, and disillusionment, the fulfillment of the dream arrives, surpassing our expectations in every way, giving us a complex experience worthy of an epic novel as opposed to a children's story. In essence, keep dreaming; it's worth it.

"Sonically, the theme of the album is space, calling on the saying 'shoot for the moon, you might just land among the stars.' To me, this meant using more keyboards and synths, electronic sounds that mimic stars and light, extended jazz chords, and thick vocal arrangement, as if the stars, or your inner voices, are singing with you. I chose the song 'Pure Imagination' to cover and represent the theme of the album, because this tune for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was quite possibly my first favorite song. Back then, I didn't know why I liked it.

But now I do."

Based in London, Talon David left her home town of Nashville to grow an audience that connected with her, offering a place to call home in her releases. GRAMMY recognised for her song ‘Deep Snow’, a Bachelor of Music and featuring on a wide range of musical projects, Talon is a completely self-produced and engineered talent.



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