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Templemind delivers his euphoric debut single 'Union Divine'

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Photo: C. Schmidt

After proving himself as a bold and passionate songwriter over the last few years, penning countless platinum-selling singles in the process, emerging artist Philipp Schardt is now looking to bring his own Templemind project to fruition as he drops his euphoric debut effort 'Union Divine'.

As someone who has always been inspired by the rich and atmospheric alt-rock sound since his childhood, 'Union Divine' sees him bring those influences to the forefront and deliver a blistering inferno of raucous riffs and cacophonous production. With his soaring vocals layered throughout, he is making one hell of an introduction with this one.

Speaking about the release, he said, “In the two decades of writing and producing music for many artists, I kept seeking the songs that my soul needed to hear and sing to really heal. So I now hope that this first release and all upcoming songs will speak to other souls, minds, and hearts out there and help them find their way home.”

This new year marks the beginning of a new chapter for Templemind as he plans to deliver a flurry of new material throughout the remainder of 2022.


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