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The Breakbomb Project delivers intoxicating and atmospheric electronic single 'My Mind'

Set to redefine the boundaries of what we wall call electronic music, The Breakbomb Project takes a truly mesmerising approach to what is a multi dimensional genre in its own right. Building a profile that switches between pop-woven melodies and transcendent EDM music, The Breakbomb Project delivers a truly diverse palette of sounds and ideas. He now presents his sophomore album, 'PRETAPED', 8 songs full of his diversifying electronic-infused sound, with scintillating lead single 'My Mind'.

When I finished creating ‘PRETAPED’ I realized this is how I want to craft my music and release it. I’m extremely happy with this sound and the album’s ability to be cohesive yet diverse. I hope there’s something for everyone to find interesting and enjoy on this body of work.”

Dream like soundscapes fill the air in 'My Mind' in a song that showcases both his vocal talent and fluidity, as well as his signature melancholic drops, which have a unique aura about them. You simply have to hear the music for yourself, as words alone don't do 'My Mind' and indeed the rest of the album justice. It wouldn't be out of place in a Hollywood movie or film series too, in what is a highly dynamic and spacious brand of electronic music that any fan will surely not be able to get enough of.

Stream 'PRETAPED' in full below:

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