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The Howlers release their woozy new single 'Cowboys Don't Cry'

With their hotly-tipped debut album 'What You’ve Got to Lose to Win It All' set to arrive on the 17th May, fast-rising trio The Howlers continue the support for their new LP with their woozy new single 'Cowboys Don't Cry'.

Hot on the heels of their previous offerings 'Lady Luck' and 'El Dorado', this new outing delivers more of that rich and breezy indie-rock aesthetic they are earning a reputation for. With its bright and illuminating textures at every turn, we can't wait to hear what this new full-length has in store for us as well.

Speaking about the new release, they said, "Cowboys Don't Cry" is a track that speaks to the experiences and feelings that many young people go through as they try to work out who they are in the world. As a young boy I never really felt like I belonged anywhere, struggling socially to understand what was going on around me, there were times I would walk home from school in tears due to how I felt isolated, alone and misunderstood. Often just like a Hollywood film cliche I'd eat my lunch in the toilet cubicle as it was a place I felt safe when not in class but that was my reality as a kid, no parent wants to see their child struggling so I can't imagine how sad it made my folks to watch me become so hollow and sad all the time, that’s why there is a line in the song that says “I am my mother's child stronger for each and every single tear I’ve ever cried” because it was my folks that never gave up on me.”



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