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The Ology’s share their instant classic ‘IJWICHTY (I Just Wish I Could Have Told You)’

Upbeat with a distinct, retro flair, The Ology’s refine their eclectic sound on their new track ‘IJWICHTY (I Just Wish I Could Have Told You)’. Expect throwback, smooth riffs and a laidback beat with a psychedelic lick that’ll be on repeat on hot summer days.

Talking about the new track, drummer Daniel Holloway shares: “I wrote the song in early 2021. It came to me one evening as I was singing random melodies while doing work around the house. I sang the hook that you hear in the start of the chorus and I knew immediately that I needed to go and record it. I went and sat down with a guitar and worked out the notes. Once I had them I was then able to put some chords to it. The lyrics came to me in the same evening. Next it was onto Garageband where I added the vocals. Within a couple of hours the song was basically what it is today. Josh and I created a more developed demo in his basement studio the following week. This is where it really came alive - a credit to Josh and his knowledge of music. Together we made something that we were both super happy with. We showed it to our Producer, Richard, and he was eager to record it at our next session. It took two days to record and we spent a couple more days mixing. At the end of it all, we were left with something that we were all really proud of.”

If the new track is anything to go by then we can only hope for more new music in the pipeline for the Bedfordshire five-piece.