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The Trusted challenge the Indie sound with their new single ‘ELI’

The Trusted turn the norms of Indie music on their head with their new track ‘ELI’, a sincere and sympathetic reflection of self-destructive tendencies, explored through a melancholic lens and infectious refrain in the chorus. The single is subtly impactful, with melodies that beautifully compliment the message of their lyrics.

Talking about the new track, The Trusted share: “Eli is a song about losing your mind to your own temptations and desires. The song’s protagonist turns to a fictionalised Jesus/God type character (Eli) in thinking they will be able to save them. The protagonist comes to the realisation that the only way they can save their mind from self-destruction, is to do it themselves. It’s a song about revelations and guilt. We are each victims of our own flawed mind.”

Drawing on elements of classic Indie from the 2010s as well as new-wave icons, The Trusted have firmly carved out their niche in the industry.

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