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The Will McBride Group shine on their soulful new jam 'Hit Song'

Over the last decade or so, North Carolina-based outfit The Will McBride Group have been slowly building and cultivating a wonderfully distinctive direction for themselves. And with a string of rich and soulful efforts under their belt from the last few years, they return once again with their shimmering new groove 'Hit Song'.

Much like what we have come to expect from the band, their newest outing is a wonderfully fresh and enjoyable delve into their dynamic aesthetic of soul, funk, and pop, all merged together. With its toe-tapping energy and infectious hooks layered throughout, 'Hit Song' is a wondrous return from a group brimming with tantalising textures.

While this past year has probably been their busiest and most prolific to date, The Will McBride Group show that there is still plenty of creative juices flowing through them right now. With a bright and enticing approach to their songwriting throughout, they are definitely ones to switch onto, kick back, and mellow out to.

Enjoy 'Hit Song' below.



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