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These Brittle Bones releases spacey new single 'Outline'

The musical project from artist Chris Jones, The Brittle Bones, has returned with a new single ‘Outline’. It has the same signature spacey Lo-Fi sound we’ve come to expect from recent releases, with an odyssey-like feel and evocative sound design. The drums effortlessly become more or less dynamic throughout, as the rest of the sound design rises and falls, with different motifs from different keys surrounding the track, giving it a cinematic feel.

Speaking on the release, Chris says, "I wrote Outline over a series of late summer evenings at a friend’s place in rural Oxfordshire in 2021. I remember loving those moments in between day and night, when the last light of the day was fading out and everything was left in a rural tranquility. This song tries to capture those moments, of being plunged into darkness after the heat of the day, and the world is left in a kind of purple haze."

These Brittle Bones has been showcasing music since 2012, garnering over a million total plays on Spotify, whilst evolving his sound from folk origins that draw from Jones’ Singapore-based youth, into sounds of ambient-electronic instrumentalism that are more akin to his current, London-based, twenties. The second of six singles set for release across 2023, ‘Outline’ is another track that is trying to echo the feelings of the pandemic through instrumentation, expressing the emotions without lyrics. This is an exciting concept and we can’t wait to hear what the rest of the project has to offer.



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