• Andrew Lewis

Thrillhouse share their uplifting new offering ‘It’ll Be Alright In The End’

Fusing a loveable, 80s pop sound and glittering melodies with a contemporary, alternative flavour, Thrillhouse are here to make you feel better with their latest single ‘It’ll Be Alright In The End’. The track is released ahead of ‘Wedding Disco’, the Brighton outfit’s first EP. If this track is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat with a whole load of retro flare.

About the lead single, lead singer Sam goes on to say: “'It'll All Be Alright In The End' is me looking back at all the rubbish choices I've made in the past and then singing about them publicly. Kinda regret that now. In fact, that could be considered my most recent rubbish choice. All my fears and anxieties come out in the shower for some reason, which is very annoying because I like showering. I usually end one of these showers by comforting myself saying 'It'll All Be Alright In The End’. I'm not entirely sure what I mean when I say it but it seems to make me feel better.”

Thrillhouse don’t take themselves too seriously and they’re refreshing sound is putting them on the map.