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TikTok star Gabriel Templar releases fun-filled indie pop single 'Go With The Flow'

Drawing upon the magic of TikTok, Bristol-based Gabriel Templar has garnered a devoted following with his super bubbly, no-frills posts. These captivating videos feature deep vocal layering of multiple harmonies, providing a tantalising glimpse into his creative process behind his songs.

With this endearing approach that has captured the attention of many, Gabriel now has a brand new EP on the horizon, starting with infectious pop track 'Go With The Flow'. With his clear and natural affinity for songwriting, Gabriel intertwines relatable lyrics with irresistible melodies, forming a powerful bond with listeners that transcends time and trends.

'Go With The Flow' is merely a taste of the musical banquet to come. Gabriel's upcoming 4-track EP, set for release one single at a time in the months ahead, promises a symphony of sonic delights that will enrapture audiences far and wide.

As we eagerly await the rest of Gabriel Templar's EP, there's no denying that his presence in the music world will continue to grow. With each exuberant note and uplifting lyric, Gabriel's music resonates with a broad spectrum of listeners, uniting them under the spell of his infectious charm. Check out 'Go With The Flow' now.

Stream 'Go With The Flow' here:


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